aeroSee is an exciting new project where you can become a 'virtual' mountain rescue volunteer. AeroSee is testing the use of Unmanned Air Vehicles (or ‘Drone’) technology, together with your ‘crowd-sourced’ help to reduce the time taken to locate and rescue a person in distress.

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AeroSee: Search for Fredrik Johannessen Lie
Missing since January 1st, 2014, 18 year-old Fredrik Johannessen Lie was known to be in the vicinity of Ekerhovd, on Sotra, Norway. His vehicle was involved a road traffic accident, and the local press suggests he was last seen leaving the scene of the accident.

Fredrik is approximately 185cm call, has fair hair and was wearing blue jeans and ‘bubble jacket’. Local search teams are unsure whether he was injured during the accident.

The UAV search: Working in conjunction with Iris Group in Norway and local search teams, AeroSee has thousands of images taken by the UAVs flying above the region, With your help, we’re hoping to find Fredrik.

Once you begin the online search, you’ll be presented with still images from the area. All you need to do is hit the green tick should you see anything in the image that resembles Fredrik. If our online search team repeatedly flags a specific image, we’ll be able to match that with a specific location.

If you don’t see anything of interest, then just hit the red cross and move on to the next shot.

Search profile: Fredrik Johannessen Lie
Height: 185cm
Hair: Fair/blond
Last seen: wearing dark blue jeans and ‘bubble’ jacket
Last known location: Near Ekerhovd, Sotra, Norway